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we've done all the heavy lifting for you

Our goal is to make Team 316 so easy on you as the leader by providing all the announcement texts, letters, poster art files, letterhead, signup cards, videos, and even a planning guide so you’ll know when to do what. All you have to do is put your group’s info in the blanks and you’re ready to go.

You may not choose to use all the tools- hey, it’s designed to be a like a buffet- take a few or one of everything to get the job done as you see fit. We add stuff and options from time to time so we’re far from done. Here’s the list of tools available to see your Team 316 project through to success! We even have many tools in multiple formats and options.

If you like what you see, we will be glad to share the password (at no risk to you) to allow you to access the downloadable copies of all of these files. All we ask is that you agree to the covenant, which you can download below. Contact us for the password, and we’ll team up to get you on your way.

Covenant– please download, sign and return (via PDF email attachment) once you choose to use Team 316

Presentation Tools– hey, somebody’s probably gotta approve it, right?
check out the leader page

​Planning Tools
Implementation Guide and Checklist- local church
Implementation Guide and Checklist- parachurch/Christian school
Sign Up Table Supply List

Art Files– ready to download and use as they are, or if you want, you can open them to customize as you wish.
6’ X 2.5’ banner- for use on the wall behind the sign up table or to hang on the table front
18” x 24” sign up announcement poster- place on an easel in a high traffic spot
18” x 24” thank you poster
18” x 24” status update poster
Sign up cards
Envelope labels
Megaphone and pom pom

Communication Pieces– insert the time and place info
Bulletin/web/newsletter/social media texts
Bulletin inserts
Initial group wide announcement letter for mailing or e mailing
“Friendlies” letter- a pre sign up option
Thank you letter
Group presentation script- for classes, small groups, etc.
Letterhead- various options
Editable Powerpoint slide/jpeg

Volunteer Role Descriptions
Sign up table captain
Sign up table volunteer
Spokesperson recruitment guide- use this to snag a key supporter who will help “sell” the idea

Recruitment Strategy– a growing list of ideas to help you find more team members

Affirmation Ideas– a growing list of ways to keep donors informed and glad to be on the team

Financial Tools
Team 316 donor recording plan
Master donor spreadsheet
Individual donor spreadsheet
Bank draft (ACH) permission form
PayPal as an option for your organization


e mail